In the conservation arena, Eden Hill Conservancy is active in protecting land in the little Juniata watershed.  We advise landowners on land conservation strategies; hold, monitor, and enforce conservation easements; and advocate for conservation with government agencies and lawmakers.

Conservation Easements

The conservancy has expertise in assisting landowners in identifying ways to protect their land.  EHC holds and monitors 2 conservation easements covering 217 acres of property in the Spruce Creek/Tyrone, PA area, the 113-acre Irish Pines Tree Farm and a 104-acre plot of Gensimore Farm.

 With each of these easements, landowners retain ownership of their land, but place restrictions on future uses that enable the landowners to preserve their properties in perpetuity in accordance with their wishes.

Our board members have expertise in land conservation and the values and traditions of the Eden Hill and Little Juniata watershed area.  We are happy to make ourselves available as a resource for landowners interested in exploring options for protecting their land.

We encourage you to contact us at if you would like information about ways of protecting your land or would like to join in our land conservation efforts.  A description of conservation easements is provided below.

 Conservation Easement Monitoring

For each easement that we hold, we conduct monitoring inspections at least annually to verify that current property owners are operating the land in compliance with the conservation easement.  We maintain photographical and written records of changes occurring in the property over time.  
In monitoring conservation easements, our philosophy is to work collaboratively with landowners whenever possible.  We strive to educate landowners on how best to comply with easement terms and to work with them in identifying ways to meet their goals and objectives while remaining true to the spirit and terms of the conservation easement.

 We maintain a conservation easement defense fund that enables us to enforce a conservation easement under our stewardship if a conflict over an easement cannot be resolved by other means.

Conservation Advocacy
Our members are active in advocating for land conservation with local, state, and federal agencies and lawmakers.

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