The conservancy has been active for over 13 years in conducting outdoor educational programs for local young people and adults.  We have conducted dozens of programs and are dedicated to educating the community about conservation, the environment, and the wonderful places to explore in and around Eden Hill.

Our Programs

We welcome over 150+ local first graders to the area annually for outdoor nature study programs.  

We have hosted a number of school groups for outdoor education programs, including multi year-programs that enable students to follow longitudinal changes in the forest.

With local property owners, we make sites available to youth groups, including local scout troops, for hikes and community service projects.

We also have conducted fly fishing workshops for young people and forestry, conservation, and native plant workshops for adults.

With these programs, we hope to inspire young people to become stewards of the environment and to preserve the many spectacular local natural resources to be found right in their own backyard.  We also hope to serve as a resource for local landowners interested in conservation and land stewardship.

Our Venue

Eden Hill Conservancy has access to a local property that educators can use as a living laboratory for outdoor nature study programs.  We have a partnership with Irish Pines Tree Farm (IPTF), a 113-acre property in Spruce Creek that has been adapted as a venue for nature study.  The property has a number of attributes that make it an ideal venue for this purpose:

·         1.5 miles of walking trails, permitting easy observation of trees, plants, and animal habitats.
·         A variety of plantings, including tree stands, natural forest areas and native and invasive species.  The property is surrounded by cornfields and dairy farms, enabling students to compare and contrast various uses of area land.  
·         Numerous species of wildlife, from wild turkey to bear to song birds.  
·         Small sinkhole which can be used to raise students’ awareness of watershed ecology.

The property also contains an 1850’s era bank barn that provides a rustic setting for indoor classwork.

 The IPTF owners are involved with the conservancy and have made their property available for decades for use in educational programs on conservation and historical preservation.  We are able to make this resource available to educators wishing to carry out programs of their own design or to collaborate with us.

We encourage you to contact us at if you have interest in collaborating on our educational programs or gaining access to the IPTF property.

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