Tyrone Area Elementary School Outdoor Education Program 2010

 From May 26 to 28, 2010, Eden Hill Conservancy board members, volunteers, and local educators joined forces to host an outdoor educational program for over 140 first grade students from Tyrone Area Elementary School.  The program was held in the 150 year-old bank barn and on the trails of and forests of Irish Pines Tree Farm, a 113-acre tree farm located in Spruce Creek, PA owned by the Riley family.  Multiple first grade classes visited Irish Pines Tree Farm each day to participate in the session.

Local educator and musician, Dave Hess, welcomed the groups with a nature song sing- along for students and teachers, following which students participated in small group activities designed to help them learn about the forest ecosystem, biodiversity, and conservation.  Students had an opportunity to enjoy lunch in and around the bank barn, to play an I Spy game, and to explore the walking trails of this unique area property while participating in a number of nature study activities.  Shaver’s Creek Naturalist Doug Wentzel presented a slide program and field session on birds on one of the course days.  Several members of the Riley family were on hand to guide students and teachers as they explored the tree farm.

After completing their intense nature study, students climbed on the bus to return to Tyrone Area Elementary School, bringing with them some new vocabulary words and a new appreciation of the wonders of the outdoors! 

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